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Learn about the Pack Less pallet. More efficient, more economical and more sustainable!

Pack Less Pallet

There is something that the pallet always carries with it: INNOVATION.

Why use exactly the same pallet for all types of loads? And if, instead of wood, use a recycling pallet? How to make the pallet take a smaller area? Is it possible to optimize logistics with empty pallets?

To resolve these and other strategic issues, it was created a more modern, more economical, lighter and sustainable pallet.

Features of Pack Less pallet:
  • 100% recyclable. All components are made of polypropylene.
  • Light. Each Pack Less pallet weights about 2 and 3 kilograms, 90% lighter than the traditional pallet not losing its capacity of load.
  • Smaller. It reduces the area used. 7 traditional pallets = 35 Pack Less pallets). It optimizes the usage volume of the load: more goods and less packing.
  • Safe. Flexible Material, no corners, no nails, no barbs. Fewer accidents and fewer losses of damaging.
  • Mechanical manufacturing. No use of mold, heat and waste emissions.
  • Customizable. Size and capacity of load according to the customer needs. Pallets identified by colors, name to organize the storage.
  • Versatile. Perfect for bags, big bags, coils and octabins transport.


Eco-efficient, do you know what it means? Added value for your business and less impact for the planet.

Acquiring 10 Pack Less pallets instead of 10 wood pallets, a 21 old year tree is preserved.

See the environmental performance of Pack Less pallet in this comparative made by Fundação Espaço Eco.

Sustainability features of Pack Less pallet:
  • Use of land: 88% lower
  • Energy consuming: 70% lower
  • Greenhouse gases: 70% lower
  • Resource consumption: 15% lower
  • Risk potential: 70% lower

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Pack Less - Solução em pallet sustentável

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