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Do you know the expression, less is more? It has inspired our style.


Traditional pallets have always seemed to be something huge, exaggerated. Lots of raw material, high cost, high weight, high volume. In other words, low efficiency. So, instead of making pallets, Pack Less has decided to think about pallets. Pack Less has decided on how to improve and reinvent the product from the beginning.

Pack Less has developed a new pallet, very different and much superior from the options already existed then. After much research, technical tests at the IPT (Institute of Technological Research of São Paulo), prototypes and tests, the product, the manufacture and the machines were patented. The Pack Less pallet is lighter, with innovative design, 100% recyclable and totally made of polypropylene.

The market needed a product like this and its success was a consequence.

From the inauguration of the unit in Cotia / SP, in 2008, it was developed new support services, it has won innovation and export awards, it was set a partnership with Braskem. Branch offices in Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia were inaugurated and it has begun production in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas.

Today, in addition to Pack Less pallets, it is also manufactured the Plus Pack that offers support to the supply chain, maintenance, inspection, reverse logistics, customized productions, focused needs of any niche and customer.

It is proud to say that the Pack Less pallet is patented in more than 30 countries. At this moment, the products and services are making a huge difference in large industries, ports and national and international distribution centers, bringing efficiency, sustainability and innovation from Brazil to the entire world.

Awards and Certifications

Offer more efficient and sustainable solutions for the movement of loads and contribute to the systemic evolution of the logistic chain.

Be a reference in the world, present in all the continents and to be recognized for the innovation and partnership, bringing competitive and economic gains to the costumers with the reduction of environment impacts.

Do more with less. Always innovate. Social responsibility. Work with ethic and set true partnerships committed with the costumer business and the planet.

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Pack Less - Solução em pallet sustentável

Av. João Paulo Ablas, 3100 - Jardim da Glória, Cotia - SP CEP: 06711-250